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From 9:00AM – 10:20AM, a variety of breakout sessions will be offered. Attendees can register for one of the following sessions with the main program registration. All sessions are Q&A format with an expert panel of health care professionals and parent/patient advocates. 


T1D Toddlers and Preschoolers (Parents of children age 5 and under)

Discuss the unique challenges of managing T1D in children under age five. This session will cover behavior, nutrition, technology, and T1D in preschool and day care settings, including how to implement a care plan for them. There will also be time for questions on how to prepare for the transition from preschool to kindergarten.

Moderator: Jennifer Reilly, RD, CDE (Children’s National)
Kristin Arcara, MD (Mt. Washington/Johns Hopkins), Christine Glancey, RN, CDE (Johns Hopkins), and Christine Wang, PhD (Children’s National)


Taking T1D to School

Children with T1D spend a great deal of time in school, which requires a lot of preparation and planning. Federal regulations mandate that these facilities provide a safe environment. Discuss strategies and get advice on ensuring that your child enjoys the best possible school experience. There will be lots of time for questions, so bring your thoughts and be ready to share!

Moderator: Karen N. Harriman, FNP-BC, MSN, CDE (Pediatric Specialists of VA)
: Lauren Clary, PhD (Children’s National), Kathleen Link, MD (Inova), Jacqueline McManemin, RN, BSN, CDE (Fairfax County), and Crystal Woodward, MPS (American Diabetes Association)


Tackling the Tween Years (For parents of children ages 9-12)

This interactive session will help parents prepare as their tweens take those first steps towards independence. This discussion will focus on handling transitions and setting realistic expectations, helping parents ensure that their kids with T1D will thrive during these years.

Moderator: Amy Lotz
 Julia Jankowski, RDN, LDN (Children’s National), Monica Kinyo, Paige Trojanowski, MA (George Mason University), and Risa Wolf, MD (Johns Hopkins)


T1D and the Teen Years (For parents of children ages 13-18)

Kids face challenges as they grow into the high school years and beyond and T1D adds to those challenges. The teen years can be full of anxiety and apprehension for both the child and the parents. Join professionals as well as young adults with T1D for a candid discussion on navigating those teen years.

Moderator: Heather Mulvaney, RN, CDE (Pediatric Specialists of VA)
Tim Burkett, Fran Cogen, MD, CDE (Children’s National), Meg Nicholl, PsyD (Kennedy Krieger), and Maggie West, BSN, RN (Johns Hopkins)


NEW SESSION — “Adulting” with T1D for Young Adults

T1D sometimes feels like a full-time job and managing T1D as a young adult comes with unique challenges. Join an engaging session about balancing your T1D with your professional life, activities, and relationships, as well as navigating your medical issues. You’ll have the opportunity to share your personal experiences and learn some helpful tips for successful adulting!

Moderator: Jeff Boyd
 John Boyer (Diabetes Destiny), Diana Daniel, MSN, RN, CDE (Pediatric Specialists of VA), Tom Donner, MD (Johns Hopkins), Karen Esser, Esq, and Kylene Redmond


Lessons Learned from Life with T1D: Adult Perspectives

Living with T1D requires intense self-management. Join other T1D veterans for a frank discussion on dealing with issues related to T1D, including exercise, technology, aging, and burnout.

Moderator: Larry Soler
 Bill King (Diabetes Destiny), David Levitt, MD (Maryland Endocrine), Amye Lee Rheault, and Maureen Seel, RD, LDN, CDE (Johns Hopkins)


Diabetes 101 for Grandparents and Other Caregivers

Grandparents, relatives, babysitters, and other caregivers of a child with T1D can have all their diabetes questions answered. This session will also offer support and practical advice on how to best taking care of loved ones.

Moderator: Kim Tilley
Bill Andrews, Maureen Monaghan, PhD, CDE (Children’s National), Jenny Saplosky, MSN, FNP-BC, CDE (MedStar Georgetown), and Lindsey Waldman, MD, RD (Pediatric Specialists of VA)


T1D Chat para Familias que Hablan Español (T1D Chat for Spanish Speaking Families)

Conéctese y aprenda de otras familias e individuos que hablan español que manejan T1D. Esta sesión contará con un panel de expertos que incluye proveedores de atención médica y defensores de los padres.

Facilitator: Silvia Skirpan, RN, BSN, DCES (Pediatric Specialists of VA)