Be a part of T1D research by joining the Pathway to Prevention!

By screening blood relatives of those with T1D, TrialNet looks at ways to prevent or delay T1D. Family members are important because they are at 10-15 times greater risk for developing diabetes than people with no family history.

This study is confidential and at no cost to you!

TrialNet will offer both NEW screenings and ANNUAL screenings at the 2019 JDRF TypeOneNation Summit.

Participation Requirements:
To participate you must be 1 to 45 years of age AND have a brother, sister, child, or parent with T1D


1 to 20 years of age AND have a cousin, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, half-sibling, or grandparent with T1D.

You cannot have ever taken insulin or other diabetes medications or currently be on any immunosuppressive therapies.

The screening involves a small, non-fasting blood sample (a numbing agent is available to make the blood draw more comfortable.) Those participants with elevated autoantibodies may qualify for T1D prevention studies. Children under 18 who have already been screened may be rescreened each year.

To schedule a screening time at the Summit, contact Ms. Lee Bromberger at or call 443-279-0036 on or before March 1, 2019. Or, stop by the TrialNet table in the Vendor Hall to sign up for a time.

For more information, visit